With all the job boards out there, it is easier than ever to find candidates, but poorly written job posting can do your company more harm than good. Poorly written job postings can waste your time by turning off qualified candidates and attracting unqualified applicants. Here are four reasons your job postings are attracting the wrong candidates and what you can do about it.

Your job title is unclear

You want a job title that will catch the right applicant’s attention but be wary of jargon. Jargon may not be universally understood and the candidates may have other terms for the same word. Avoid using words that will confuse the applicant by using simple terms and keywords. You’ll get more resumes and better job applicants if they can quickly assess that your job matches their skills and experience.

Pro-Tip: Look at what competitors are posting as their job titles and make sure that ’s what you need for your company.

You wrote a novel

Keep your description short. This helps to keep the full attention of potential candidates. If a client misses your minimal requirements, you’re more likely to get unqualified candidate resumes. When writing your description keep it down to a couple of sentences. Highlight the important things the applicants will be doing and use bullet points and section headers. You should write in clear, simple language that someone outside of your company will understand.

It’s sometimes helpful to imagine that you’re talking to a middle schooler and write to that level. Include the basics and don’t forget about headers for the job title, location, responsibilities, requirements, and next steps. All of this will help job seekers scan your job description quickly and decide if it’s a job they are interested in. At this point in recruiting, getting the right applications is the goal. You will have time to give them more details after they apply for the job.

Pro-Tip: If you are looking for a specific type of personality, share that in the job description.

You showcased the pay rate

Unless you know that you’re offering more than your competition, having your pay rate on your job posting can cause applicants to close the ad right away. There is no need to give the pay rate until you’ve assessed the value that the applicant brings. Unless you have a fixed payment for the open position and you only want to attract applicants who are willing to accept that fixed rate. Consider stating that you’ll offer a competitive pay rate based on their job history, experience, and qualifications.

Pro-Tip: Do some research to know what the going rate is for the job opening. Don’t get blindsided by someone who did do their homework.

You have a lengthy application process

A complicated application process could cost you the best applicants. Job seekers, especially those who are not employed, do not have a lot of time to spend on lengthy application processes. They may be even busier if they are currently employed but interested in exploring their options. Having an applicant jump through too many hoops to apply can be a major turn-off. Make sure the process is simple for applicants. The key here is to speed up the process to get to the best candidates, not the desperate ones.

Pro-Tip: Provide a resume upload button on your job posting or include an entry box to submit a link to their LinkedIn profile.

Competition for the top talent is fierce, and any number of factors can contribute to the success or failure of a given job post’s campaign. Follow these tips to avoid landing the wrong candidate for your job. 

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