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Samuel has been helping organizations hire the best candidates and build stronger teams for over a decade. Read some of their stories below.

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Vdex Diabetes Centers – Freedom From Diabetes

Samuel helps Vdex find the right people to administer cutting-edge diabetes treatments

“Scarcely, in my career in business have I come across a firm that truly delivers above and beyond their promises.  Usually, it’s over-promise, under-deliver.  Samuel Staffing is a notable exception.  From the first conversation with them, they made representations…and they have exceeded them.  And, not by a little.  We made some fairly difficult demands and didn’t think the firm could handle them, but they did.  Truly, they are a firm that can be taken at their word.  That’s so refreshing today.  In addition to being very good at what they do, they are delightful people with which to deal. We are so pleased and grateful that we consider them part of our expansion team.  As we grow, we do so with their help. Special mention has to be made of Jessica Santana. She is a unicorn. You just don’t find people any better. I recommend Samuel without reservation and I invite anyone considering them to contact me personally for further information.”

Bill McCullough


Helping an Industry Leader in Veteran Health Services

Samuel goes above and beyond to help staff hard-to-fill positions

“We rely on Samuel Staffing to help us fill positions for weekend events for military personnel. They have shown that they are willing to go above and beyond to find the right candidates, even if the requirements are unique. In one instance, Samuel helped find nurses that were also certified to handle vaccinations. Before that, they actually sent us refrigeration units to make sure that they could keep the vaccines at the proper temperature. That kind of personal touch and commitment has helped us develop a strong relationship that we hope will last for years.”

“I’ve loved working with Samuel over the last 3 years because of their people. They don’t overpromise but rather, set clear expectations and deliver on what they’ve promised. The relationship is comfortable and I’ve been able to trust them completely to staff our vaccine and in-home exam programs.”

Veterans Evaluation Services – Caring For Our Veterans

Samuel helps VES staff the right health care professionals to care for those who have served our country

It’s clear Samuel Staffing goes above and beyond to find good candidates with little to no notice. Our account rep is available at all times to make sure the employees feel comfortable and have what they need to cover clinic. We are grateful to have a great working relationship with Samuel and look forward to continuing to work together to give our veterans the great service they deserve.

Treasa McGinnis

Regional Clinic Manager

Helping A Leading Global Biotech Company Focusing On Rare Disease

Samuel helps provide qualified, experienced nursing candidates in a state that requires IV Certifications.

“Samuel Staffing has been an excellent partner in helping us staff for nurse positions located nationwide. They submit many candidates to our Hiring Managers in a timely fashion, and we have hired for numerous roles with their help. Some states require nurses to be IV Certified and Samuel Staffing was able to find experienced and quality nurses with IV Certifications. Samuel Staffing prescreens the candidates for us and only sends qualified individuals to our Hiring Managers.”

Talent Acquisition Manager

Leading Global Biotech Firm