Identify specific objectives

Whether you are looking for a temporary or a full-time position, being specific with what you want will help when choosing the best staffing agency.

Find a specialized agency

Look for a staffing agency that focuses on your professional field. Using a specialized agency means that recruiters will have knowledge about your skills. For example, in a  medical staffing agency, the recruiter is more familiar with medical terminology, works directly with medical organizations and utilizes specific tools to promote you to potential medical employers.

Pick the right agent

When picking a recruiter, you are picking a partner who will play a big role in your job search. Asking questions such as “what is your history with this employer?” or “how many candidates have you placed in the past?” can help you get a feel for the relationship between the recruiter and the company.

Choose a size that is right for you

Staffing agencies range from a few employees to thousands. The advantage of smaller agencies is they can be more specialized and focus on your specific needs. On the other hand, larger agencies can have a more solid reputation and history.

Explore the agencies services

Certain agencies provide additional services such as resume editing or interview coaching. If these and other services are something that you need make sure they are willing to help you.

About Samuel Staffing

Samuel Staffing is a full-service permanent recruiting staffing agency with a specialized focus on medical recruiting. We work with industry-leading organizations and recruit the most qualified candidates to fill the roles of Medical Directors, Registered Nurses, and Licensed Practical Nurses. Our expert recruiters understand the specific needs of working in the medical field. Feel free to contact us if you are looking expand your practice or fill an open position.

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