The difficulty facing hiring managers in the medical field includes finding the right candidate. The right Medical Director or Nurse Practitioner can be the difference between a thriving practice and one that experiences setbacks, sometimes permanently. In today’s competitive economy, simply posting a job on a job board doesn’t cut it.

Take your medial recruiting to the next level by recruiting like professional staffing agents. We asked the top recruiters at Samuel Staffing to share their secrets to success. We discovered four common strategies and insights. Applying these strategies will get your job openings in front of more candidates. These strategies can also make hiring faster and more consistent and will help you with retaining the medical talent you need to succeed.

Cold call

This tried and tested strategy is more important than ever, especially in a world where people are constantly bombarded with emails and social media solicitation. If you find a candidate’s resume that you feel is the right one, do not hesitate to cold call. A phone call to the right candidate will most likely be received well. Cold calling is a direct connection to your target audience. It gives you the opportunity to get their attention, and it is sometimes all you need to make a hire or at the very least schedule an in-person interview.

Social Media Matters

Social media recruiting is changing the recruitment and hiring game. It can be utilized in many ways, from promoting your business to connecting with potential candidates. Platforms like LinkedIn give you the ability to join groups and create hashtags, which are effective at getting your job openings in front of hopeful candidates. Take the time to update your organization’s social media pages. Make sure that the contact information and jobs are all up-to-date and make sure you have a good online presence. Candidates do their research before accepting a job and will check your company.

Post on multiple job boards

Job boards help you get the word out to many people.  A well-written job advertisement is an opportunity to show your company at its best. Use multiple job sites, as well as niche job boards that focus directly on healthcare jobs. Job boards can be more than just a place to advertise your job. Check out at what others are posting for similar positions that you are looking to fill as well as what their pay and benefits are. This way you can differentiate from the competition and attract the best talent.

Ask for referrals

Do you know anyone who would be interested in the job? Don’t hesitate to ask your staff. Many people have friends and colleagues in the same field, so asking for referrals is an opportunity to get in connected with high-quality candidates. Plus, your employees already know what it takes to achieve success at your company and probably have a good idea which one of their friends or acquaintances have the right personality, skills and drive to succeed. Asking for referrals saves time and money on advertising.

If you are looking to hire a Medical Director, Nurse Practitioner or Medical Assistant do the following four things, and you will take your medical recruiting to the next level.

  • Get phone numbers for potential candidates and call them.
  • Utilize social media and update your platforms to look good.
  • Do your research and post on multiple job sites.
  • Always ask for referrals.

About Samuel Staffing

Samuel Staffing is a full-service permanent recruiting staffing agency with a specialized focus on medical recruiting. We work with industry-leading organizations and recruit the most qualified candidates to fill the roles of Medical Directors, Registered Nurses, and Licensed Practical Nurses. Our expert recruiters understand the specific needs of working in the medical field. Feel free to contact us if you are looking expand your practice or fill an open position.


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