Nursing is not an easy job. From long hours and stressful days, there’s a lot of work involved being a nurse. So much work that 1 in 5 nurses leave the profession within their first year of working. That’s why hiring managers, and the healthcare field in general, have a difficult task retaining nurses. However, retaining nurses is important for providing stable patient care environments and building strong teams.  Here are tips to help retain your top nurses:

Create a strong culture

Nurses want to work in an environment where they can succeed. Creating a strong workplace culture is a huge factor in making a nurse want to work for you. Your employees want a supportive work environment where their voices are heard. For example, if a nurse offers a solution to a problem, they should reward them for their strategic thinking. Consider extending the length of your orientation and personalizing it to meet the needs of new nurses.

Offer career advancement

Growing their skills and taking on new responsibilities are career goals most nurses share. Providing opportunities, free training and access to special skills seminars can be a powerful motivator that will decrease your turnover rate. Career advancement and educational opportunities are another huge bonus, primarily for millennial nurses at the start of their careers. Showing nurses, they have a future with your organization will make a nurse think twice about leaving.

Provide a flexible schedule

As nurses realize their value they will want more control over their schedule. A study found that nurses who work over 12 hours in a single shift and 40 hours in a week are more prone to turnover and job dissatisfaction. Like everyone else, nurses have obligations outside of their career. Having flexibility is very valuable, and you can create a culture of trust by letting your employees set their own schedule.

Reward and empower staff

Nurses, like anyone else, want to be appreciated for the hard work they do. A survey showed 2 out of 3 employees would leave an otherwise promising job if they don’t feel it appreciates their work. Taking the time to show appreciation for your staff and their efforts will go a long way.  By acknowledging them and their dedication they will be more motivated to go the extra mile for your organization. Come up with ideas like retention bonus programs where loyal nurses are awarded.

By creating a supportive culture, offering career growth, establishing a flexible environment, and recognizing and rewarding your nurses for their hard work and loyalty, your organization will have a better nurse retention.

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