Looking to transition positions and start a new job? Save yourself some trouble and check out these six tips for transitions jobs.

Make sure the decision is right for you

Deciding to turn in your resignation isn’t always easy. Whether it be for another job opportunity, or it’s just time to move on can be difficult. Before you decide, make sure this decision is the correct one for you. Work environment, salary and job responsibilities are all things to consider when thinking of leaving your job. If accepting a new position, don’t quit your current job until your new job is ready to go, contract in hand. If you are not sure about your new job, consider “shadowing” the staff at the new office.

Don’t leave a gaping hole

Don’t leave a gaping hole in your company. Plan how you will transfer your responsibilities, make a list of who could handle your tasks while they hire someone new.

Write a resignation letter

A resignation letter is a good opportunity to thank your employer and to build on the relationship with the company. Bring your letter with you and resign in person. It is respectful to resign in person and have closure. If your boss does not work at the same location has you, make a phone appointment with them.

Give your employer enough notice

Unless you have an employment contract that states otherwise, giving at least 2-week’s notice is a good standard to follow. In some cases, you may need to stay another couple of weeks.

How to break the news

You should reach an agreement with your boss on how others will be told. You don’t need to explain more than that you are leaving and keep your reasons consistent and positive.

Exit interview

Be prepared to do an exit interview. These interviews are used to find areas where the company can improve and are also a good time to find out about unused vacation and sick time. Overall, make sure this decision is the correct one for you. And follow these tips to ensure a smooth job transition.

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