There are more than 600 plasmapheresis centers in the United States, and that number is expected to grow, along with the need for a plasmapheresis Medical Director, Registered Nurse, and Licensed Practical Nurse. While there is no shortage of great medical professionals, finding the perfect candidate for your plasma center can be a challenge. Here are our tips and secrets for hiring the right candidate for plasma positions:

Move quickly and effectively

In today’s job market, there are more open medical positions than professionals to fill them. The best candidates will be off the market within two weeks. It is necessary to move quickly, especially if you are interested in a specific candidate. While you shouldn’t rush to hire just anyone when you do find a good fit, you’ll need to make a quick offer, or else you let good candidates get away. If you are still trying to make up your mind, or have some preliminary work before making an offer, be sure to follow up with the candidate. Following up will show the candidate that you have not forgotten about them and possibly keep them open to your organization.

Write eye-catching job descriptions

Your job description should give all the information the candidate is looking for without being too wordy. Include what you expect from the candidate as well as what your plasma center does for its employees. Opportunities for growth, continuing education, and employee benefits are all things that attract candidates, especially millennials. Be sure to include these things in your description.

Embrace the digital age

Use social media profiles, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, for your candidate search and research. Social media profiles can also offer more details about a candidate. Additionally, you can use social media to post your positions to reach more qualified candidates. Social media can make it easier to target candidates based on location, connections, and interests, increasing your candidate pool, and giving you a way to reach out to them. When researching potential candidates on Social Media, be sure to approach it with caution. Many people use social media for social interactions, not for impressing future employers. Be aware of your own biases when encountering lifestyles and other personal information that is often available online, but not appropriate to ask about during a job interview.

Hire for your needs

The ideal candidate is both qualified and experience in your line of work. It is important that the candidates have the right certifications and skills. It is equally important to hire candidates with character traits that match your facility needs the most. These may include adaptability, attention to detail and familiarity with plasmapheresis. Some plasma centers have a specific approach and focus on finding recent graduates who are willing to learn and adapt their way of doing things. If that is you, look for people who are willing to learn and grow with your organization.

As you are growing your Plasma centers and seeking to hire the best Medical Directors, Registered Nurses, and Licensed Practical Nurses, keep these tips in mind. If time is prohibitive, don’t hesitate to contact a professional medical staffing agency and see how they can help you manage your growth by filling your open positions with high quality people.

About Samuel Staffing

Samuel Staffing is a full-service permanent recruiting staffing agency with a specialized focus in plasmapheresis. We work with industry-leading organizations and recruit the most qualified candidates to fill the roles of Medical Directors, Registered Nurses, and Licensed Practical Nurses. Our expert recruiters understand the specific needs of working in the plasma industry. Feel free to contact us if you are looking expand your practice or fill an open position..


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